Reality Shows?

I remember reading a post on my good friend Kaustubh‘s blog few weeks back. He wrote a post condemning the reality shows, especially the ones involving children. He specifically mentioned Chhote Miyan, a show for stand up child comedians. On any day, I would have argued with him and asked him to stop being a moral police. But yesterday I happened to have a glimpse at it and reluctantly agreed to what he said. I’d certainly not expect my children to grow up watching their fellows cracking double meaning jokes on actresses and actors. I seriously felt sick after hearing a 9yr old kid cracking a joke that indirectly referred to sex toys. Even worse, he was being applauded for his performance.

May be I’m being sort of a moral police here. But we have to admit that there has to be a line drawn between good performances and cheap performances. There are host of other shows featuring youngsters grooving on sleazy numbers. It is alright to show we are an open culture now. But what the television guys (including the news guys) dont understand is that the shows are aired through out the country without much censorship applied on the user level. You never know what you are trying to show and what the youngsters perceive.

I was never a fan of reality shows myself. I did follow the likes of Sa Re Ga Ma, Boogie Woogie, KBC and Indian Idol’s part I in the initial days. But thats it. They never really managed to attract me. At least earlier the shows were and looked real. These days they are highly dramatized. The feud between the judges, the contestants, the parents and what not. It feels like the television soaps are more ‘real’ than the reality shows.

Given a chance I might probably want to ban all of them.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Reality Shows?

  1. What you are concerned with is not moral policing.

    the children are not mature human beings, so they need to be isolated from some topics which can tarnish their young minds. moral policing more commonly involves telling grownups (more often than not responsible educated grownups) how to “behave” etc.

    I agree – I think the Senas in the country should be more bothered with this crap flying in our face than with couples being seen in public or artistes from other countries performing in our shows.

  2. I recently came across a girl, 11 years old, who loves watching Roadies! I’m seriously horrified about her future! Is this what we want our kids to learn? Recently 19-year-old girl, Krushnaa Patil, from Pune conquered Mt. Everest. Now, that’s something I call adventure, not cursing each other, dropping your fancy pants and eating grasshoppers! If that’s reality, let me live in my dreams!

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