Fiat Linea

Reviewing cars must be fun I guess. Well I’m not an automobile engineer. Neither do I understand much about the car’s engineering aspects. But I’m a driver, and a good driver. And I understand my machine like I understand myself. Yay! So that qualifies me to review cars. 🙂

fiat_lineaTo be fair with Fiat, the Italian car manufacturer is probably one of the best in business when it comes to product quality. However they might bottom the list when it comes to marketing and support. I still remember the small ride I had on Fiat’s old model Sienna with a multijet diesel engine. That car was probably one of the best in terms of handling. Anyway, let us come back to Linea.

Fiat has come up with the active and emotion variants and has been marketing it well (since joining hands with Tata motors for sales and support). The tag line of ‘Admiration guaranteed’ is just about perfect. No doubt Linea makes you fall in love with her. You feel like walking around the car over and over again, admiring its sexy , full yet tightly curved figure. From front, it looks like a dog mischievously looking at you. Sideways, it gives a glamorous look with those curvy roof lines.

As you step in, you are greeted with a beige interior and well done fabrics. Frankly the interiors were a shade disappointment for me. It looks more of cheap plastic and doesn’t go with the richer image in the exterior. Instrument console looks neat and the gearbox is tight. The best thing is the controls on the steering wheel, right from windows to controlling MP3. On the rear seats, the car is very spacious. This is very much a Fiat design although this car was designed in Turkey. In any case, the design is way above its segment. With all that admiration, I was now ready to roll.

They gave me a 10 min ride on the express highway. It was surely great. The car is not as peppy as the City Sx 1.6. But then it is not too behind. Its 1.3 litres Multijet engine pumps out a whooping 9obhp, not bad at all. The road was crowded and I couldn’t go beyond 70kmph. So I dont know how the car behaves at 100kmph plus. But even at the speeds I drove, the car literally steam rolls the bad patches on the road. The handling, weight transfer and the ride quality are surely the best in the class. What impressed me more was its torque. Even at lower speeds, the car could negotiate well on a higher gear and that too without much effort.

Overall, the car is a brilliant package deal. The diesel version priced around 7 to 9 lacs in Mumbai is unbelievable. The car surely looks and delivers much more than what the price tells us. Full marks to styling and full marks to handling, Linea is a car to look forward to.


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