Smash Hit! Whats that?

I was reading this in the news papers today, in Times of India. Actually in the most useless section of thepaper, the bombay times. (I normally read it only for the cartoons, horoscope, sale offers and movie shows). They said ‘Raaz… the mystery continues is the first smash hit of 2009. As far as I remember, there are two reasons for me to believe this is a hoax. One, the movie was released only last week. So it cant be a smash hit within seven days. Two, its release clashed with ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ So so hardly any body went to watch it. So…

I have nothing against Raaz. I’m just wondering how do film makers decide the movies are hit or a flop. I remember makers of Singh is King claiming it to be a smash hit whereas the records suggest it was just an average coomedy flick. Even Himesh claimed Karzzzz to be a superhit whereas I have a proof of empty theatres (I have a picture) to show no one came to watch him even on the second day of its release. Chandni Chowk to China claimed it collected 45 crores in the first week. I’m not sure if Nikhil Advani meant money or eggs and chappals. The latter is more likely.

The list is endless but the question still remains unanswered. Can any one tell me what exactly is a smash hit and what are the basis of ratings?

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