Why don’t we obey traffic rules?

On the way to office today, I almost hit a pedestrian head on. Well to be frank it was deliberate from me. I was passing a junction with a green signal for my lane. Some eager pedestrians, despite the ‘no walk’ signal, barged in. I didn’t stop and went on to brush the guy a bit. I wasn’t speeding so it was easy for me to apply brakes and control my car. Then I wasted next 5 minutes to explain the guy and the traffic cop whose mistake it really was.

Why the hell we Indians cant obey traffic rules?

We have a dirty tendency of jumping signals, not wearing seat belts or helmets, cutting lanes, not following traffic signs and worst of all… bribing policemen. Guys the traffic rules are not for our trouble. hey are put in place so that the flow of loads of vehicles and humans on the road can be regulated. Because we dont obey them, the traffic actually ‘rues’.

When will we understand… Shit!


2 thoughts on “Why don’t we obey traffic rules?

  1. Because,
    1. We either drive without licenses or our licenses are obtained by bribing and not by going for tests.
    2. We have just moved from the villages to towns and we follow village rules, which are non existent.
    3. Our genes contain old warrior class genes and our vehicles are our steeds or raths to be used for battle and not for transporation.
    4. The law of the lowest denominator applies. If you are a cyclist, the pedestrian is right, if you are a motorcyclist, the cyclist is right, if you are a motorist, the motorcyclist is right, if you are a bus or a truck, the motorist is right.. If you are a bus or a truck, you are the king of all that you purvey because of your size.
    5. The police can be bought.

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