Executive Toilets?

I went to a client visit at a fairly well known company today. I had a strange yet very common observation. It is about toilets. Here is what heppened-

I had to meet a CxO level person. Naturally he made me wait for quite some time. I was asked to sit in an ice cold conference room. That triggered my potency to a nature’s call. Obviously once the meeting was over, I asked the house keeping staff to direct me to the wash rooms. To my surprise, there were 4 different wash rooms. One for the ladies (understandably), one for the male staff, one for visitors (unisex) and one for executives. Executives? Yes. I was told that the bosses dont like to ‘pee’ standing shoulder to shoulder with the staff.

Hmmm… may be the VPs and CEOs follow a different posture.   😀

3 thoughts on “Executive Toilets?

  1. When you come across the same situation again, you might like to paste a graffiti on the wall above the urinal, reading “Stand closer, it is shorter than you think”!

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