Tamannaon ka Behkava

“Tamannaon ke behekave mein aksar aa hi jaate hai…
Kabhi hum chott khate hai, kabhi hum muskurate hai.”

For my English readers, the above line means “We often get disillusioned by our desires. Some times we get hurt while some times we laugh it away. These are the first two lines from a popular ‘Ghazal’ mesmerizingly sung by Chitra Singh. So often we get tempted by desires that we make mistakes we ought not to commit. Desire is a very dangerous word and I prefer to use and practice it sparingly in my life. There are three desires, which when not under control can ruin you beyond recognition. These are Sex, Power and Money. I’m no philosopher to tell you what they are and who do you control them. But I would like to narrate you my experience with desires on two separate occasions yesterday.

One: We were going to Dadar in my car (Remember, I stay in Mumbai). As we approached Sion circle, I broke a traffic rule for lane. Obviously the traffic cop stopped me and explained me why and where I was wrong. He asked if I wanted him to issue a ticket for a Rs. 300 fine. I was almost tempted to offer him a Rs. 50 note and fly away. But my conscience told me that I should get out and remind him of his duties. He got angry and threatened to apply some dirty clauses to rope me in. It finally ended when I paid the fine and told him I can complain in the anti corruption bureau. Most of other motorists, including the ones traveling with me were tempted to bribe him and get away. It is normal, but I was happy for my abnormal act. I managed to control two of the desires, preventing the cop to mis use his power and then narrowly conquering my greed to save some money by bribing him. May be it is a small incidence, but who knows when the world might change?

Two: It is not really related to the ‘Sex-Power-Money’ trio. This is more of a social desire where all of the three play role in making oneself believe that he/she has ‘arrived’ (god knows where). We were sitting at the doctor’s place where I saw a young (fairly) mother was talking to her daughter in English. Nothing surprising, except that her daughter must be around 5 years old. Their demeanour suggested that they were indeed local. Two things annoyed me the most, one was their language (which was poor) and second, the lady spoke fluent Marathi and Hindi alike. Why on earth then she choses not to speak in her mother tongue with her child? Are you trying to tell us you have enough money and power to get a so called ‘western’ and ‘modern’ life styles? My foot! Desires, nothing else… and really foolish desires. God bless such people.

One thought on “Tamannaon ka Behkava

  1. Mayur, do not be so hard on these upwardly mobile wannabes. They must be desperately trying to improve their English to keep up with the Jones. Marathi and Hindi should be really no problem but English must be learned.

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