What leads to terrorist attacks?

Look at the two contrasting pictures below.

untitled11untitled80Now help me answer a simple question. “Is violence an answer to more violence?” The terrorists, bandits or jehadis… whatever you may wish to call them, are taking vows to avenge the Gujarat riots. On the contrary, it all started in 1992-93 when the babri masjid was destroyed. Major riots broke out in Mumbai following the distruction leading to killings of hundreds of hindu-muslim households alike. Tiger Memon took an opportunity along with Dawood to blow up Mumbai in the serial blasts in 1993. It helped the Muslims in no way, but promoted even more haterd between the communities. The ‘Ayodhya’ movement gathered steam. Some anti social elements objected and set a train on fire in Godhra. The riots in Gujarat were nothing but an outburst of the killings of ‘innocent’ kar sevaks in Godhra. In response to Godhra, the jehadis blew up trains in Mumbai 2 years back. Surprisingly they are still avenging the ‘defeat’ and so called shody treatment to the Muslims. However this is not about the religion as they say it. ‘Islam’, from whatever I know is actually a very peaceful religion. The Quran doesn’t preach innocent killings. In fact it doesn’t preach the violence at all. Why on earth, then we have so many fidayeens willing to lay their lives on being brain washed by a bunch of selfish culprits? I’m sure many Indian and Pakistani politicians are involved in this dirty race for power.

There is probably no answer to this. All we need to do is use our brains and use them well. These young guys who pleadge their lives are not dying for a noble cause. Sad thing is, they don’t understand this. All they believe is what they see. Their failure to think means we have continued terrorism not only in India but around the world.

So coming back to the question. “Is violence the answer to violence?” Tell me about it!

Fellow Blogger Ramana Rajagopaul as written an excellent article on terrorism in India. Here it is, worth a read: Terrorism in India

4 thoughts on “What leads to terrorist attacks?

  1. What religious sanction does the Bajrang Dal or the MNS get for their acts of violence? One set of leaders are able to persuade/brainwash another set of believing followers to a course of action which generates reaction and the cycle starts off. A time eventually comes when the question which came first, the eggs or the chicken becomes the metaphor.

    The world is beginning to understand the nuances of current strife everywhere. You will do well to keep abreast of what the world’s columnists are writing about to understand the wheels within wheels.

    In the meanwhile, say a prayer to those innocent people of all religions who get affected by mindless acts of terror.

    Thank you for remembering my post and pinging it.

  2. Whether Quran or any holy book condones violence is a discussion for another day.

    But the fact is that these handful of people are spreading violence in the name of their community, and since these are the most heard people (due to obvious reasons) “representing” those communities, the communities themselves bear the brunt. The people who demolished the Babri Masjid were not the ones (or the only ones) killed in the Bombay riots, those who killed in the Bombay riots were not the ones in the Godhra incident and those who killed in Godhra were not the ones who were killed in the recent Bombay incidents.

    The only reason arbitrary group A people are killing arbitrary group B people is because some time back the people belonging to the B group killed some people from the A group.
    What kind of primitive hackneyed revenge is this?

  3. How long is the world going to sleep. Pakistan is the cradle of global terrorism.

    World Bank gives grants to Pakistan to develop it’s economy and they buy F16’s, build Nukes and supply Ammo and training to the global jihadis while their Economy grinds to a halt. When will the world wake up?

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