Dostana Sucks! It really does!

Aint no body like my Desi Girl.

Right! Because there aint no body like Priyanka Chopra, the only highlight of this otherwise reckless, pointless and vehemently vulgar movie. We aint no American Pie and this aint no Miami. This is Mumbai and we love our guys and gals the way they are.

dostanaTarun Mansukhani and Karan Johar’s Dostana takes a dig at the gay and same sex couples in US. The movie is a portrayal of two fool hardy young folks (Abhishek as Sam and John as Kunal) fighting to rent an apartment in Miami. They pretend to be a gay couple so that they can share an apartment with the sultry svelte Neha (niece of the owner) played by Priyanka). The film moves into a series of ill palpable jokes bound by an extremely loose script and very hazy story line. Our folks obviously fall for the girl in between, yet struggling to tell her for the fear of being kicked out of the apartment. Enter Abhimanyu Singh (Bobby Deol) as Neha’s boss and later the love of her life. What follows is even more sickening when these guys bring heaven and hell together to woo their girl back.

Dostana must have originally conceived to literally rip the funny bone, forget tickling. But it looses much of its plot with limited or no comic punches. Moreover there is too much flesh on display without making it sensual. Its actually sickening. Tarun probably saw too much of ‘Full Monty’ like movies and wanted to replicate them. But he’s got it all wrong. Absence of a good script adds to the wows. Some of the scenes have been very badly written. Especially John’s griha pravesh and then the absolute stupidity towards the end. Don’t play with our emotions Tarun, we have had enough. And you Mr. errr Whatever Karan Johar… uff! Forget it.

Amongst the positives, Priyanka probably is the only highlight. She’s looked sexy, she is likable and very pleasant to the eyes. Its so much contrasting to her ‘Meghna Mathur’ figure in ‘Fashion’. Priyanka’s come a long way. Abahy Deol is okay, Boman Irani and Kiron Kher in cameos are totally wasted. John has managed to show off everything (almost) expect going completely nude. Abhishek is a brilliant actor, but he is handicapped by a malnourished script. Background score and music is good but generic. Desi Girl is topping the charts and Jaane kyun is also good. Rest is forgettable.

All in all, I wouldn’t give it more than a 2 out of 5 that too purely for Priyanka and the songs. Otherwise Dostana Sucks!

13 thoughts on “Dostana Sucks! It really does!

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  2. Its a big hit, thats says it is liked by majority except minority like you. Also, please you dont publish the “Mumbai” guys and gals view here? You are not the representative. I respect your view but dont try to be representative of other public.

    You say dont play with “our” emotions, say “your” emotions , never ever try to represent the public, be independant and represent yourself, thats the beauty of an author of a blog.

  3. Horrible gay movie. Does the director think rest of the country is gay county or sth. yucky yuck. First, be realistic in scripts, secondly a copy from ” I now pronounce u chuck and larry” with more vulgarity…

  4. @Shabnam: Dostana indeed sucks. Few people liking it doesn’t make it a good movie. Lot of people like Himesh Reshammiya. Is is a great actor? Anyway, I’m representing what I feel the viewers reaction was after the movie. I’m no politician to play with correct words.

  5. Mayur, Dostana sucks for you , not the public. You should refrain yourself representating the public, even you are the majority, which in this case you are not.

    I dont care whether you like Dostana or not, my point is donot generalise your view to represent the majority. If in theater, people have not like that is one theater in mumbai, if you are sure about your feelings for entire mumbai then you need to show reports and stats, dont just for a hell sake make a point just because the movie is of not your type.

    Baisically, your dislike is not movie but the gay concept. What it means is that you are indeed a conservative personality which regards the whole world as per his/her imagination. This imagination doesnot come true in every sense. People like you spread hatred as soon as your imagination is challenged.

    Guys like you donot empathise with the contradicting imagination, you just want to hate. You make your imagination and give it a name “culture”.

  6. ‘Hatred’ is the word you have dished out for me Ms. Shabnam. I didn’t like the movie, I wrote it. It is as simple as that.

    Movies like Dostana need far more courage to make, and Tarun deserves a credit for it. But it doesn’t mean Dostana is a great entertainer. I have criticised the movie and the way it was made…. not the concept of being a gay. I’ve seen both Brookback Mountain and Full Monty and I liked them. Don’t doubt my character, conservativeness and moralities. They are sound in every manner.

    If you have a problem with my review, go and shout in the news papers and blogs about how conservative I am. People will know who’s spreading the hatred.

    By the way, there is a thin line difference between just imagination and creative imagination. But you have completely failed to understand that. 🙂

  7. Well, here’s my too bits on the Movie. I have to say that I enjoyed it and found it very entertaining. my sister and I found it hillarious. However, I did think about it after with a tinge of guilt. But I believe that my reasons for feeling this way are very different than Mayur’s.
    I thought about my friends that are homosexual and how they would feel about this Movie. I don’t believe that anyone enjoys being made fun of especially througout the whole Movie. The Movie could have saved itself from being offensive if it had adressed any issues that the gay community deals with. Such as maybe having one of the main characters (Abhishek or John) get beat up by some Homophobes, this could have justified the Movies’s stereotypical representation of the gay community.
    Nonetheless, I have to with a guilty conscience say that I did find the Movie funny and have asked one of my friends to watch it and let me know if they found it offensive or funny?

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