From ‘Can Do’ to ‘Will Do’

Going down the memory lane, I remember how I was during my teens and early twenties. I had a lots of ‘can do’ thoughts that never materialized. For instance I never wanted to be an Engineer. I wanted to be an architect. I used to think I can get into the ‘big’ schools easily. But I didn’t and ended up being a civil engineer. I thought I could be an actor, because people appreciated my comic acts. But I couldn’t. Then I thought I could get into a ‘big’ MBA institute, pass out with flying colors and work for a ‘big’ MNC, or could have been a business man. Today I’m a sales manager in a small company. There are probably 1000 other instances where I thought I ‘can’ but I couldn’t.

I’m not regretting though. I don’t rue my chances or the lack of it. Just that I never had the ‘will’ in me. I always thought I can do things but never ever fully committed myself. I lacked determination.

Better late than never. I have now started speaking the ‘will’ language. As a starter, it pumps my confidence. Well begun is half done. Let there be action and let the actions speak now… “i will… I will… I will…”

2 thoughts on “From ‘Can Do’ to ‘Will Do’

  1. Even ‘will do’ won’t help. Words like ‘will’, ‘can’ have a slight contamination of ‘future’ in them, you know.

    Ask yourself: Did you ever put your heart and soul into what you do? Do it once and you will see how the world changes because of you.

  2. Words do not matter. The ‘will’ matters.

    Frankly speaking I haven’t really put my heart and soul in some thing, baring very few incidents that have just sparked me. Some thing needed to be of utmost important for me to go behind it with all I have got. And the ‘will’ to put every thing behind it was never there.

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