When creativity goes crab hunting

Disclaimer: Alright this is going to be a crap post.

While passing by the cafeteria, I over heard the “Jiska number Mumbaika…” advertisement. I have been stopping myself from commenting on it. But couldn’t stop myself from remembering such really pathetic yet popular punch lines delivered probably by the who’s who of the Indian Ad industry. Here are they-

  • “Palmolive ka jawab nahi” The eternally pitiable jingle.
  • Reynolds “Likhte Likhte Love ho jaye” (Was it Raveena Tandon? Grrr!)
  • Eat cricket sleep cricket drink only Coca Cola (Sorry boss…)
  • Mind and body, heart and soul… Gosh, not only the jingle, the entire ad was pathetic. Since when Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy started modeling?
  • Hero Honda – Dhak Dhak go! (Yes… go get lost)
  • PSPO- Good ad but bad message (Now people know PSPO but not the company Orient)
  • Yeh hai youngistaan meri jaan! (Bruwahahahaha!)

Alright I lost patience. Please feel free to add any such crap jingles or the ads to this list.


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