Shifting is a big pain in the ***

I have recently shifted my house (3 days back) and I must tell you, shifting is a big pain in the ***

First, the cargo movers gave me a hard time. Not that I couldn’t find them… I found too many. I posted a query on ‘just dial’ and I was flooded with calls from cargo movers. They kept calling even after I had already shifted my luggage. Gosh, I didn’t know recession is pushing even this business on the brink.

Then we had to pack and unpack lot (too much) of stuff. Last few years I have been staying as a bachelor. So whenever I shifted, all I had to do was carry 3 bags. Now, being a marrie guy, the number shot to 28 boxes. And that was not all… we had an entire bedroom set, a sofa set, a dining table, TV, refrigerator, entire kitchen……… and a list of other endless things.

Whenever you hire a cargo carrier, inevitably the vehicle gets lost midway and the driver doesn’t carry a mobile phone. So you end up circling the same road at least thrice under the blazing sun.

Next, since the cargo just gets dumped in the house and you find it difficult to find a maid immediately, YOU (me) become the maid. Moreover you never remember which box contains what. (We had great trouble finding tooth brush the next morning).

And then… we didn’t find a carpenter to fix the bedroom set. So its all lying around and in between there are our bodies trying to find solace. I even struggled to find a properly ironed shirt today morning. Ha! What a mess.

Anyway, next time when I have to stay in a rented apartment, I wow to find a furnished one. So that I need not buy any (ANY) thing except clothes.


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