Mumbai on a happy feet

On 17th October morning, I started for the office at the usual laid back time of 10:30am. To my surprise, I saw lot of people taking the streets to reach the nearest railway station or the bus stop. To my second surprise, I saw scores of taxis and rickshaws parked along the roads and not a single one operational. An intelligent person that I am 🙂 it took me only a moment to realize what happened.

The taxi drivers and rickshaw walas in Mumbai declared a day long strike, to protest whatever they felt was wrong. Or I don’t know if it was to demand some thing. Whatever it was, to whichever extent Mumbai was affected, at least I was happy. See, I’m completely sympathetic with the Mumbai junta who had to trudge on their happy feet. But look at it this way, The strike meant less vehicles on the road so less noise and air pollution. And moreover… It was so much fun to drive on the empty roads!

Thank you taxi drivers, I’m waiting for your next strike (read desperately waiting)


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