Lut gaya is Karzzzz mein: Movie Review

“OOOoooooooooooooooo Suroooooooooooooooooorrrrrrr!”

Thats an attempt to remind Himesh Bhai of his capabilities and what he does best 😛  Tame su thayu Himesh Bhai?

Karz is a good movie, Karzzzz is not. The extra Zs have added more sting than bling to the producers. Verdict? you must be joking. The movie has not even received an opening, so forget the rating. ( I saw this movie in an evening show in a near empty PVR cinema hall in Mumbai. Make your own guesses)

I’m sorry folks, watching the movie has made me sick and thats why such an outrageous post. Now for the review, well you all know the story isn’t it? Rishi Kapoor’s and Subhash Ghai’s Karz has been shown multiple times on television channels. There is no remarkable change to the story here, except all places where it has been down graded. Its the same about a love story, betrayl and revenge. Thats all.

Watching the movie, I thought this was one of the most laziest creation by Satish Kaushik, the director. It seems he had a grudge on Himesh and decided to make a bad movie to teach him a lesson. Performance wise, Dino Morea has got a blink and you miss role as Ravi Verma, Rohini Hattangadi as his other and Smita Bansal as his sister too have not been shown any gratitude. Danny entertains and tries to hold things together as a foster father to Monty’s love interest Tina, but not too much of screen space for him either. Shweta Kumar, making a debut as Tina is awefully ridiculous. She looks cute from some angles, but thats that. I think she should try modelling, because the moment she opens her mouth… I’m gonna yawn.

Now for the highlights, Urmila is more or less the life of the film. SHe was I think the only other person serious about her role apart from our Himesh Bhai. She is ravishing, sultry and mean. Even at her age, she beautifully portrays an aura of sensual demeanor wonderfully well. And not for Himesh Bhai, well what to say about him. He has really put his heart out in the role. If only he could put some more emotions and all things related to acting. He looks to have taken off from where he left in Aap ka Suroor. He has a long way to go before he can act, seriously.

I have a suggestion- Himesh Bhai, you rock as a musician. Some of your creations even in Karzzzz ar awesome. But please, do ot flood us. You are only losing your charm. And acting? well consider it my sincere heart felt request.

Dont ever try films!

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