Roadside Romeo: Whats the verdict?

Romeo, a dog well bred and fed in a BIG house suddenly gets abandoned. Forced to liveon the streets, he struggles with other stray dogs, makes friends, finds love and a villian too. He rolfs, soothes, mushes, bickers and muscles his way past the difficulties and then we have a happy ending. No! this aint a movie review. And please don’t blame me for telling you the story in advance. Because its available on the Yash Raj Films website.

Looks like a dud story, isn’t it? Well actually all animation flicks don’t necessarily have interesting plots. Its all about how creative they can be with the animation and the graphics. Roadside Romeo is supposedly one of the first 3D animation movies completely made in India (I’m not propogating, I’m being told so). Our perennial child actor Jugal Hansraj takes up the role of child director (pardon the pun) and has teamed up with Tata Elxsi to make this YRF produced movie. Being a fan of animation myself, I’m looking forward to it. Will Tata Elxsi match Pixar or Dreamworks? We will have to wait and watch for the verdict when the movie opens at the box office in Diwali. Its scheduled to hit the theaters on 24th October.

Watch out for this space for a full review.


One thought on “Roadside Romeo: Whats the verdict?

  1. that’s quite right ..
    most of them dont have a amazing story but then its more bout the animation..
    looks like this one would be the best in India so far…
    the bollywood angle has added more value to it ..
    looking forward to the movie.

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