Dabbling Entrepreneur

Exactly about an year back, I made a strong attempt to become an entrepreneur. I had a kick ass idea, I some how succeeded in implementing, ran it successfully but gave up in the midway due to differences with the partners. Exactly after an year, I found out that my process and the idea were still alive… very much!  🙂


It was mid/late june when a kick ass new business idea came to my mind. I had a plan that could help small to medium sized software product and services companies to elevate their sales to soaring heights. Whenever I could get some time, I worked on it. It took me almost more than a month to come up with a fool proof business plan. In the process I spoke to various people including peers, friends, superiors, relatives and VCs. I also roped a friend who could help me out and partner me. However another month went in looking for a financial aid. I couldn’t afford to take money from my parents. It started my quest to find a suitable partner who could help me start the business. During that process, the friend who promised to help also backed out due to personal reasons. Time was running short, I had to act fast. Finally on 29th September 2007, I contacted my previous employer (a small company with good strength in marketing) and decided to lease their facilities, resources and their name. In return I had to part with major chunk of the earnings. Official agreements took some more time. Another month went in convincing my first customer. With lot of deliberations, I finally managed to sign an agreement with the customer in January that will see me through till end of June. We ran successfully for first 4 months. The complexity of the agreement however did me in and I had to opt out of it in mid June. It left with irreconceilable differences with my partner/previous employer. But the idea is still hot (coule see it today) and I’m determined to fight back. I will surely succeed this time :mrgreen:

PS: Paragraph is deliberately avoided.

One thought on “Dabbling Entrepreneur

  1. “Every successful person has a painful story. Every painful story has a successful ending.”

    This is a trap that many new entrepreneurs fall into. The next time around, read the fine print and better still, use the services of a good lawyer.

    I however admire the spirit. That is the way to go. I wish you all the best.

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