Me and job offers

Yesterday, a distant friend called me up and asked if I could refer him for a sales job in some company. He was even willing to do door to door sales. Sadly, he was a victim of lay offs from an MNC, thanks to latest crash of American economy (I know the economy hasn’t crashed. But I’m optimistic) :mrgreen:

Interestingly, he was the same guy who mocked at my luck saying how incompetent I was to crack job interviews at multi million dollar corporations with 10,000 goats tied at different desks. Well, and he came to me yesterday because the same company no longer needed him. So much for a secure job 🙂

Its not about him, there are enough other people who ask me why did I change 4 jobs or why haven’t I worked with big brand names. I have a simple answer, we couldn’t get along. I have a goal for me. And I try to align that goal with the organization who considers me or employs me. If I feel the mismatch, I don’t go there or I leave them. I can not work with people who are just working or sitting in their offices for the heck of doing it. Such are the people who dwarf the growth of the company. And I have no time to waste on morons. Life is too short, I need to learn a lot and climb to where my destiny lies.

Quoting a recent experience with a CFO of a mid sized (by their definition) company. Right from the moment he said hello to me, he was down right rude from the word go. He had a problem with me switching jobs. He had a lady who called herself the HR head of company. And then poor fellow me was grilled and stressed, almost coerced to accept that by working in a company for only a year, I behaved in an unethical manner. Because I just gained whatever knowledge I wanted to and moved on. I some how knew all my explanations would fall flat on the table. So I said this, “Mr. <snip>, forget my ethics… you run an off shore software development shop. Are you not stealing jobs of innocent Americans? Is it ethical?” Bingo! The old man was taken aback. It was his turn to explain. He said most of the Americans drop out of college because its a culture there. Hence they don’t get literate resources blah blah! … And hence we are not doing any thing unethical. I said fine. Now as the interview progressed, we argued on some more things. Then came the time to throw my hot blow. I asked him why couldn’t we Indians build a Firefox or a Chrome. At his explaining best, he told me how we Indians are brought up in a culture which is service oriented. He went on and said that some American geeks conceive the products, write core architecture and send the non core activities to us. Why can’t we do it? because we are not brought up in an environment to think out of the box… they are.

Now for the knockout punch: I said Mr <snip> you just now said that there is a shortage of brainy resources in America. Now you are saying they develop the product and we provide services because we can’t conceive products. Are you not contradicting yourself? He was pissed off… and there went my offer letter. 🙂

PS: For the record, I have rejected more jobs than people who rejected me in interviews. I wish some day I find a perfect match.

6 thoughts on “Me and job offers

  1. Hi Mayur, nice post man :). There is a dearth of product based firms here, agreed, but that does not mean we can never contribute or have our own chromes and firefoxes … the culture of a 10000 monkeys tied to their desks is actually bad for the economy. Since those 10000 monkeys are not using their heads … thought provoking post.

  2. Hey I didn’t realize it was thought provoking. I just quoted my example. Frankly speaking the guy was right. We are imbibed with off shore service oriented model right from the under graduation days. Because even our profs believe that all we have to do is support some MNC’s systems.


  3. Mayur, we are not quite all that dumb! Tally is a very successful product developed in India, if my memory serves me right. There are also a number of other products but unfortunately, they are marketed to local areas and the kind of success that the Silicon Valley products get has not come yet to us. Locally, we specialize in custom made products which is the difference between ready made suits and tailor made ones.

    In any case, I would like you to visit this post and see what happened to a Senior Professional in the USA with some upstart HR honcho :

  4. Incidentally, when Y2K was looming ominously, everybody and his uncle from all over the world, came desperately seeking solutions to India. In fact, that was the tipping point for our IT industry.

    Your background is very interesting. How come from a Civil Engineering background to IT? Civil Engineers are in great demand now a days, I believe.

  5. Ah! Clarification time. I’m not doing coding for IT companies. I am a marketing professional. I help companies make strategies to grow their business. I execute it as well. 😛

    Civil Engineering? Well it happened by chance.

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