Free Gifts and Free Rewards

A person called me up today early morning. He wanted to offer me a membership to some club. I was of course excited, but it lasted only for a moment. They were going to ask me to cough up hefty annual fee in return of all the facilities, most of which I don’t need or use. So I declined. But being a persuasive salesman, he went on to explain me all the benefits, facilities and then he said this, “Sir, if you take a membership, we will also give you many free gifts and free rewards.”

Darn! When will Indians learn to speak good English. Aren’t all gifts supposed to be free? If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be called gifts right? And what are rewards? Here are the dictionary definition of noun form of ‘a reward’

  1. A recompense for worthy acts or retribution for wrongdoing
  2. Payment made in return for a service rendered
  3. An act performed to strengthen approved behavior
  4. The offer of money for helping to find a criminal or for returning lost property
  5. Benefit resulting from some event or action

Take the definitions as my free gift advice to all those who want to give me free rewards.   😛


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