Virgin me

No I’m married. That should put an end to your speculation   🙂

The word virgin on the title refers to my sun sign, Virgo. I have heard a lot about ‘me’ in all my 27 years and how Virgos are perfectionist, extremely loyal, hardworking… well I was none of these. So 2 days back on my birthday, I get a souvenir branded Virgo. After a long time, I thought they at least made a partial sense of what I am or what people might perceive me as. Here, have a look-

  • Dominant in relationships, Always wants the last word. (Yeah… ask my wife)
  • Caring, Smart, Loud, Loyal. (Good one, but loud? me?)
  • Easily approachable, Easy to please. (Okay, may be but easy to please? please…)
  • Loves to gamble and take chances. (Aye!  Bring’em on)
  • Needs to have the last say in everything. (Well, I’d like to have a last say)
  • They think they know everything and usually do. :mrgreen:
  • Respectful to others but you will quickly lose their respect if you do something untrustworthy toward them and never regain respect. (Whoa! Am I like that? I’m scared)
  • They do not forgive and never forget (Bingo!)


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