The return of Yahoo

Its been exactly 3 years and 8 months since I shifted my loyalties to Gmail from the erstwhile Yahoo account. Reason, well my friend Kaustubh introduced me to gmail and almost convinced me that it was the in-thing. Having a google account probably meant a lot those days (at least thats what I believed that time around) since it was by invitation only. So I left my association with Yahoo, that lasted little more than 4 years and joined Google.

My email journey has actually been very fascinating. I started of with hotmail, my first mail account. However I had to let in go since it was too slow for a 64kbps dial up connections and that too when the rates of accessing internet in a net cafe were as high as INR 100 to 150 per hour. After dabbling for few days with Rediff, I moved to Yahoo.

Yahoo, I must admit, introduced me to the world wide web. It was the best and most talked about thing about 8 years back from now. My teenage thrived and bloomed on Yahoo messenger ( :mrgreen: ) and so did my professional self. I remember registering in the websites of the likes of Naukri and Monster using my Yahoo account. I remember uploading photographs for the first time on flickr using a yahoo id. All the final year project, Yahoo mail has been the carrier of the documents between our team (I headed them… Yo!) and our professor who was away most of the times. And when I tried my hand at doing Post Graduation in management, Yahoo it was again. And Yahoo it was, when I got through. But in the end, I ditched Jerry Yang and shifted my base to Google.

I don’t know what made me go back to the Yahoo account. May be all the memories did. Sadly, all that communication which would have felt me nostalgic is now lost. But my Yahoo is back. And it is looking really good. I mean they have put good effort in developing the new mail client. One reason why I continued with Google was I found it easy on the eys as well as to use. May be I will change that perception now. May be I’m starting my Yahoo again.

PS: “maxmayur” actually is my name since my Yahoo days. It was my chat id. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The return of Yahoo

  1. Its troublesome to use so many id’s. I’m already using Gmail, Crazyengineers and my official id for communication. Plus there is skype as well. I would prefer using one or at the max two.

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