Happy Birthday Mayur

27 years 6 hours and 8 minutes and 27 seconds, that is my age right not. Its amusing how fast the time has passed (see, another 10 seconds gone) and I’m left now to look and get amused 🙂

I’m enjoying the footage I’m getting… really. 🙂 First, some of my friends and family members wished me, as early as they could manage. My wife of course is already excited (more than me) for how are we going to celebrate. Then I had SMS wishes from others expected and some unexpected ones, like all my banks, credit card managers, Airtel, Maruti-Suzuki, Lifestyle etc. Even a small shop in Pune where I bought some Tees some time back sent an SMS. Wow… birthdays are good.

They put a mail to every one in office and declared its my birthday. It took me 15min to shake hands with all the visitors before I could switch my computer on. When I did, my gmail already had 10-15 other emails, from my own CE, Astrology.com, bookmyshow.com … many of them whom I don’t even remember to have visited.

Anyway, birthday is actually a good time to start (or at least make) a resolution. I wish good to always help me take right decisions through out my life. I wish he helps me achieve my goals (Read here)

Happy Birthday Mayur!

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