Silence of the lambs

If you have bumped into this post thinking I have written yet another movie review (based on the Sean Connery, Jodie Foster starer) then you are going to be disappointed (or happy, may be). By saying silence of the lambs I’m referring to all my colleagues. 🙂

I work in an organization providing content creation and content management services to the publishing, learning and the media industry. Meaning we have enough creative talent on the floor (animators, artists, designers, evangelists et all.) Meaning two, the office is always in a chirpy mood. These guys some times make severely loud noise, including the bosses. I joined them with an IT background that too in the analysis team. So I was used to serene (read mundane) work environments. However this job (though it pays me less) is refreshingly cool.

The point here is, these lambs (I call them sheli which in Marathi means lambs) have been on a silent mode since morning. I’m just failing to understand why. The normal ‘rock concert’ like atmosphere has turned into a near morgue. I tried speaking to my neighbors, but to no avail. Whatever it is, I’m determined to find out!

Addendum(6:55pm): I figured out the reason for silence. There were two. One, a project delivery was scheduled and the COO had asked every one to keep their mouthy shut. Two, due to some error in processing, most of the employees did not receive their salary and the problem was going to take another week. So the mood was down anyway. Thankfully I got paid on time :mrgreen:

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