Opinions, Criticism and Stupidity

I had a healthy debate with one of my friend and a blogger today. The topic was expressing opinions and criticism. While we didn’t start this as a debate, all I was trying to do was offer him a friendly advice. There is a very thin line difference between expressing opinion and lambasting some one (read criticizing). I tried hard to explain, demonstrate and convince him about how he crossed the line almost every time and why he should be less critical about people around him that are not his responsibility or interest. I know him as a man with possessed intelligence, and I made an honest attempt to advice him to be a little more considerate. In the wake of argument, he pointed out that I had written a post regarding commercialization of god by Swaminarayan sect. He said I was no different at being critical at things too. So I thought this needed clarification.

Let me clarify that whatever I say or write here are my individual opinions. I don’t believe in taking unnecessary digs at people unknown and unrelated to me. I wrote about the swaminarayan temple because I thought the money ($ 19 million) could well have been used for a better purpose. I don’t mind people collecting money in the name of god as long as they are being put to good social use. I have realized that being critical without being helpful is actually delirious. I’m sorry to all the people whom I have criticized. Let me tell that in future if I’m going to raze people in future, I will also make sure I will have a solution or advice for what I think is missing.

9 thoughts on “Opinions, Criticism and Stupidity

  1. @ The Big K:
    1. To err is human. To acknowledge the err is super human (because I know you wont have the courage to do it)
    2. I don’t give a damn to dogbert.
    3. 😀 sincerely!

  2. Its a trust, a trust that has placed in that organization by people. Now the trust needs funds to run. Hence the money.

    I would question your premise Mayur –
    Why should God do work for the society? So, in effect why should the 19 million USD be used for the welfare of those who cant help themselves?

    Waiting for the sparks to fly.

  3. 1. It was my personal opinion that the trust is being misused. I may be wrong. Extravagant temple will do no good to anyone.
    2. Well you run your eyes around and you will see enough reasons to put the $19million to good use. I agree there are some who don’t want to improve at all. But may times, even we need that extra little push to get started.

    There are enough children who need education. They can’t help themselves.
    There are enough children who are starving around the world. They can’t help themselves.
    There are enough who have suffered at the hands of epidermises. They need medical aid. They can’t help themselves.
    There are enough Harbhajan Singhs, Dhoni’s and Sushil Kumars who need better training. They can’t help themselves.

    The trust in god is of no use if its not for the people who need it most.

  4. *bumps for the debats’ sake*

    Mayur, have you ever visited Shegaon? Just one temple – done the magic. Thousands of jobs created, schools & colleges being run, all the development – because of the temple.

    What say? Maybe those guys in USA are doing the same? Why are you bothered?

  5. I have seen the temple and I know they are doing good. Do you think I’m against the Swaminarayan temple? I’m not.

    Check this http://www.swaminarayan.org/activities/index.htm
    They have done bigger magic with the donations they got. I’m against the extravaganza and the commercialization of good. Its my personal belief that worship should never be a money making business. Even building big temples some times is alright. But creating the fanfare is not.

    My personal opinion!

  6. Let us look at the symbolisms here. In the olden days, temples and churches were usually built during difficult times such as prolonged absence of rains, or displacement due to floods etc. This was to generate employment. In the process, the rulers, who were mostly the builders, allowed the imagination of the architects to soar to reflect the glory of God. The structures were expected to generate awe which is what God is supposed to do.

    I think modern equivalents of the rulers, are doing more or less the same thing. A number of people benefit a lot of devotees feel satisfied that a structure to reflect the glory of their favourite God, or movement has come up. They are not harming anyone, so why take offence?

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