An Idea is changing lives

I have been watching the new Idea cellular campaign with Abhishek Bachchan in lead for quite a few days now. I must say that they are really good. Idea’s focus on masses and taking up the issue of educating children has been very well received. Believe me, some times I look forward to the ad break so that I could see what new ad is making its way to our television sets. The advertisers have very intelligently portrayed the outreach of Idea network in the rural areas while highlighting the best possible social use of the speaker phone in a mobile. Not only they are reaching out to customers in the rural areas, they are effectively highlighting the problem of education in the rural areas. And boy, they do have an innovative solution.

Even in the past they ran an ad campaign opposing racism and caste differences that was well taken too. Hats off to the creative guys who have designed these ads. Hats off to Idea too for taking up social issues and boldly bringing them ahead. Whether its getting them new customers or not is a different issue (at least I have not yet migrated), it is surely winning them praises all over.

PS: I’m not advertising Idea Cellular or its services. If I have unknowingly done it, Idea guys, you owe me some fee πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “An Idea is changing lives

  1. I do not watch TV and therefore no !dea about what you are talking about. But I did see the !dea ad in which Abhishek wanted to address everyone by number. πŸ˜€ . I thought it was a pathetic !dea !

    I’d be very happy if !dea spends some time making it services, network & reach better instead of investing all its time and money on Abhishek. If they do it well, they won’t need Abhishek to tell you all their pathetic ideas.


  2. @Big K: Watch the recent Idea campaign involving educating children using mobile phones. It may not be practical too, but it sure conveys the message very well.

    My post only talks about the creativity in designing ad campaigns. Whether Idea cellular services are good or not is not my headache as I don’t use them. By the way you are loyal to Idea as well. Strange you wrote that πŸ™‚

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