Freedom of expression


If you are a CXO, VP, GM, Department head or any thing else that classifies top management, please stop reading and hit the back button. You are on a wrong page. Others may carry on.


Alright if you are not a part of any management, let me tell you that we all humans are deprived of the basic fundamental right. We come across this situation, and often when we are in our office where the right to freely communicate seizes to exist once we are inside boss’s cabin or the conference room.

Communication should always be two way. “Yes sir…” “Sorry Sir…” “Ok sir…” as answers to every asinine question thrown at you does not classify as two way communication. Of course we are allowed to speak more… but all we can speak is appreciate our bosses for the wonderfully stupid decisions they take. For all job loving family men, speaking truth is not an option.  :mrgreen:

Recent example- I was discussing new business strategies with my interim boss. He asked me to prepare a white paper and few case studies on Work flow Management so that we could share it with out prospects and customers. It took me 20 minutes of serene persuasion that we neither have any experience in work flow management nor prospects who need that solution. Poor guy doesn’t know that throwing a jargon or a new service just for the sake of adding a point to the meeting doesn’t work. (Reminds me of Dilbert)  🙂

Anyway, thanks for reading. Express freely! Ahoy!

PS: For all married and committed men, I sympathize with you for losing the right to express freely at home too  🙂

PS Again: If you are a part of top management and still read this entry despite warning, let me tell you that I’m the boss on my blog. I have the right to freely express at least here, you dont!   😛


2 thoughts on “Freedom of expression

  1. I have been all that you mention in your first paragraph but reached there from exactly where you are and felt exactly the same way as you do now. There is nothing that can be called a generation gap. There is only a memory gap, that too, a convenient memory gap. You go ahead and enjoy yourself.

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