A tale of my city

I belong to a mid sized but wonderful city of Nagpur, located in the heart of India. Although known more for its oranges and tropical weather conditions, Nagpur is much more than ‘some city’ in India. Its been more than 5 years now when I left Nagpur in search of better prospects professionally. But my heart still lies where it was born.

My latest visit on the occasion of Rakhi was full of emotions and surprises. My stay was going to be 5 days long. One of the warm afternoons, I decided to take a bike ride across the city. You may not believe it, but despite being a large city, you can go from one end to the other in less than 45 minutes! Thanks to all the wonderfully built wide roads and splendid infrastructure easily giving Mumbai and Pune a run for their money. No wonder Nagpur has attracted huge investments recently, especially after the MIHAN cargo hub project was launched. It gives me all the more proud feeling πŸ™‚

My ride started from Itwari via Mahal (because its near to my place). Amidst all the hustle bustle in the main market area, it was very nostalgic going through the familiar by lanes, drowning in the memory pond. I remember walking through these lanes, going for festival shopping with my mother. I always used to accompany her and help her carry all the hand bags laden with grocery or vegetables. In return she would feed me Paani Poori (yummy!) and delicious Dahi Kachori. I decided to go to the same stall and savor the taste I grew up on. While the inflation pressure has gripped the nation, I was surprised to see the ‘bhaiyya’ still sold the Paani Pooris at R. 3 per 5 servings. And the taste was even better! πŸ™‚

Making my way through the corners of Gandhi Sagar (a lake) I went to Sadar via the imperial Nagpur railway station building. For those from Nagpur who have not visited our city for long, Kasturchand park at night is still as beautiful as ever. Making my way through the VCA ground and the lush green roads of Civil Lines, my next stop was at Telankhedi lake. Of course I was alone (yeah… my wife went to her ‘maikaa’ for Rakhi :mrgreen: ) so I decided not to halt. I went to the Samosewala and had one Samosa and one Kachori each. Again, no Jaswant in Andheri or Gurukripa in Sion can match the taste. Believe me!

Ah! I don’t know how much I can continue writing. I love Nagpur. Probably I will end here and come up with a part II where I will cover about me and my college RKNEC. If you are reading this and you are from Nagpur, do share your experience. If you are not, do visit our city and ask/tell me.

27 thoughts on “A tale of my city

  1. Every one I know who has recently been to Nagpur tell me exactly what you say. I have very fond memories of Nagpur from my sales days of the eighties. Apparently, now it has been made even better. I live in Pune and I agree that Pune has changed for the worse in the last decade.

  2. Hi,

    I was in Nagpur for two years and feel the same. I am in Pune — of course a poor replacement because of some personal changes……

    Even though I basically belong to Kerala, I feel similar closeness to Nagpur and some day I might just go back there and settle down


  3. Hi Alamelu,

    This is so wonderful to know from a person who is originally not from Nagpur. Its really great. I have seen you on CE as well, most recently with the Persistent guy suicide thread. Are you involved with that company by any chance?

  4. Hi Everyone in Nagpur, i am also from Nagpur but 14th April 2007 i left the most beautifull place on earth and came to Mumbai for better prospects, people say that Jammu & Kashmir is the heaven on earth but according to me Nagpur is the ultimate Heaven, i have spent 23 Years of my life in Nagpur, doing my schooling from SFS High School in Sadar and the my Graduation from the best college in Nagpur (Hislop College in Civil Lines) from the time i am in Mumbai not a single day of my life goes without thinking about Nagpur, the Beautifull roads of Nagpur, the Greenary of Nagpur, the Supportive People of Nagpur, the Tasty food of Nagpur, i miss all the things very much, hope that one day i’ll be back to this heaven and enjoy my life again as i use to do 1 and a Half year back.

  5. Hi Mayur,

    dude nagpur is already the best place in this world, the only thing we need to do is to make people aware about Nagpur, people still think that Nagpur is a very small town, but they dont know that we can get everything in Nagpur, Including Peace which we cant get anywhere else atlaest not in Mumbai, hope that one day each and every person on this earth know Nagpur.

    I really miss that place a lot.

  6. I work in Persistent, earlier in Nagpur (from 2005) and now in Pune.

    Big K and myself share similar thoughts in certain areas and I follow and enjoy both CE and his blog. I got introduced to your blog through some post of yours at CE

  7. What a nice tale of a return to the Orange City from one of her own! I too have enjoyed Nagpur, having had small business there from 1998 till 2004.
    Apart from the City, for me there was also the plaesure of meeting so many Nagpurkars, who were mostly kind and caring, and so many of whom became my friends, still to this day.
    I am from UK: born in Scotland, and it was so nice to see that so many Scots who had come before me, long ago, had left their mark. The Agnes Henderson School for Girls is but one example of this.
    I used to stay in Tuli International Hotel during my regular 3-monthly stays, and even inside that fine establishment one could find the true Nagpur hospitality. I have been away too long: comming back soon! Need a coffee at Poonam Chambers, and some shopping at Sitabuldi.
    Many regards to Nagpur. Be safe and well.

  8. i can wait to go home (Nagpur). i’ll be leaving next weekend on 24th and i am getting engaged on 27th with a nagpuri ladki πŸ™‚
    right now i am stuck in pune; but i want to settle back in nagpur. spent 3 years running after money only to realise that it not so important in life..
    i love nagpur

  9. It has been 1 and half years since i left nagpur for professional reasons but feeling like decades. Even i never travelled by bus or train to nagpur. Rather i preferred my bike so that i could enjoy the rides through my lovely city. Now desperately waiting for diwali to see my home.

  10. hey dude i believe that nagpur is good. but dont underestimate mumbai.
    nagpur cant compete with mumbai in any fields xcept growing oranges.ok
    you cant have the high tech living facilities in nagpur as of mumbai.
    the nightlife is also not that great in nagpur.
    dudes nagpur or any other cities in india cant compete with aamchi mumbai.
    its the only “ALPHA+” city in india.
    you get peace there in nagpur becauz its not that crowded.
    it will get to a book if i sit to write about mumbai.so think twice when you
    say anything about mumbai.

  11. @sam: Can you tell me when I compared Nagpur with Mumbai? Or when I said anything against Mumbai?

    Nagpur is my ‘Janma Bhoomi’ and Mumbai my ‘Karma Bhoomi’

  12. I’m not going to spend my life in Mumbai. I said I’m here because of better professional prospects. I don’t love Mumbai as such.

    this is what you had wrote.
    i thought that you did not like the city thts y was telling you wots there in mumbai
    tht you can love about it. nothing else.
    no personal regrets

  13. @Sam: No problem sir. I dont love Aishwarya Rai too. But it doesn’t mean that I’ll start saying she is bad? There are few things is Mumbai which even a Mumbaikar will hate. But what can you and me do?

    Every place has its own share of positives and negatives. Some people like it and some people dont.

  14. i am not from nagpur but i know nagpur very well its an excellent city in central India ,greenery is very well sread all over the nagpur . i have alittle problem with the temperature in summer season it is really extreme . also there is lack of malls in nagpur . i am residing at indore and when i compare nagpur with indore indore is much more elite than nagpur , you will find every bollywood star promoting for their upcomong releases this really shows the the importance of indore to bollywood due to large no. of malls and multiplexes here.

    • Well I think it is not just about malls. In fact I feel nice that there are not many malls in Nagpur. Good that the city is still clean and livable.

      Anyway, I have seen many film stars coming and promoting their movies in Nagpur. But all these promotional events happen hotels like Tuli or Pride

  15. Hi this is Harsh from Delhi I been to Nagpur for 3 years.Its immense pleasure to talk about Nagpur however I am not from Nagpur but sill I feel Nagpur is versy close to my heart as my home town I agreed to everyone that Nagpur is really good city and good place to live specially in peace.Its not crowded like some other cities Nagpur does not have 24*7 (bhagam bham wali life) where everyone is running after money where people do not have time for themself.I really feel the difference I love to live in Nagpur I love the nagpur roads really neat and clean,rainy season in Nagpur I miss Nagpur snacks specially poha at kasturchand park and patodi at court.I miss my friends in Nagpur.I have loveable memories in Nagpur I miss those days which I had in Nagpur I wish I can come to Nagpur and stay for some more time or for my entire life.

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