The news fakers

Recently Abhinav Bindra made headlines for wining a gold medal in Olympics. I think its a sure shot entry into the “2008 news of the year” archive, of course if some one wishes to maintain it. Although I agree that the event is big, the news channels have gone ahead and even Abhinav’s grandfather was a news maker. His father’s proposed 200Cr hotel or his own air conditioned shooting facility has been as much news as his gold medal. Surprisingly, they are not done with it. Earlier they dragged Aarushi murder case, now they are dragging Abhinav Bindra.

Don’t these Start News, Aaj Tak, India TV have some thing better to show? I mean yes, you may not have interesting news 24/7. But is it necessary to show Saas Bahu type news soap operas? Ridiculous! and there are some, India TV in particular who manufacture news if they do not have some thing to show. Ranging from Saibaba’s miracles to UFO engulfing a cow, from the man who eats glass to the wrestler Khali… they have plenty of non sense.

Let me tell you, An affair between a tiger and his tigress is NOT NEWS, Deepika’s affair with Ranbir, Yuvraaj or any one in this world is her personal life, NOT NEWS. Dhoni’s relatives are NOT NEWS MAKERS, Rakhi Sawant, how much she might flaunt, is NOT NEWS MAKER. Page 3 parties are NOT NEWS either.

Except NDTV, I have not seen any other sensible news channel (Pardon me, I don’t watch Doordarshan) in India. Common guys, grow up. If you have nothing to show, DO NOT run a 24/7 news channel.

PS: The views and opinions mentioned in this post are my own and solely concluded out of individual experience.


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