zZZZZz wednesday

I work in a company where the office timings are flexible. Taking full advantage of this, I normally enjoy a very laid back day (Except in crunch situations in office). I reach office between 11-11:30 and normally stay till about 8:30-9. Meaning I have a liberty to sleep late and wake up late. Today was different.

I went to bed around 1am yesterday, hoping I can be up by 8:30am, very much my routine. But no, it was 6:30am and my society watchman rang the doorbell. He washes my car every day. Pro-actively he thought he would probably clean the mats too, and so he wanted the keys. 10 minutes gone, the bell rang again. Same fellow, he couldn’t locate my car. I forgot I had parked it outside the society gates yesterday. I told him the location and came to bed. But I knew I had to wake up again. The poor fellow will come back to return the keys in exactly 20min, if not early. And he exactly did that…

Normally you pay all your bills at the end of the month or the start of the new month. But the newspaper vendor who hands me a copy of brain nutrition every morning had other ideas. 30min past the watchman returned the keys, the bell rang again. I growled and pushed my wife if she could go and see who was at the door. Women, for a reason unknown, have their own unique way of convincing. And naturally men fall for them. So I attended this money greedy vendor, handed him two new Rs. 100 notes and planted myself on the sofa. I had no energy even to go back to the bedroom. Clock approaching 8am, the bell rang again. This time, it was our maid. 😦 I some how crawled to my bed thinking now if another person rings the door bell, I will kick him in the gut.

Well, you know what, fate always lands you in an evil situation when you can easily kill a person, except you don’t have that human being around or you don’t have a weapon. We make sure we put our mobile phones on silent mode when we sleep. But yesterday my wife forgot to do so and an enthusiastic friend called her up trying to make her morning good… and my morning from bad to worse.

Thats it I thought. I gave up. I woke up with a morbid expression on my face, picked up the newspaper and read cartoons. My wife woke up following me and offered to make tea. God bless you! I said. I wish I don’t sleep in the office 🙂


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