The dud, the bad and the ugly aur pagli

Best way to waste time is to go for a movie that is completely dud. Best way to torture a person is to buy him a ticket of such a dud movie and tell him its better than the best drama, sex, action, romance whatever movie he/she has seen. Even greater torture, which I faced last week was to go for an ultimate torture movie and still not have the courage (read chance) to yell at the person who took you there.

Last weekend, me my wife (now you know…) 😉 and my brother went to this movie “Ugly aur Pagli.” The rest was , well, I have no words that describes how horrible my feeling was. This is the most pathetic movie to be released this year. This has got nothing, no story, no good music, no comedy, even Mallika has not exposed (moral police excuse me). What am I supposed to enjoy then? I mean you just lift a story from a Korean movie My Sassy Girl and decide to make another unique off beat commercial movie… It doesn’t work that way Mr. Samir Kamlakar Khot (the director). Such a Shame!

Except for the Hard Kaur song (main talli ho gayi…) never ever a frown left my face. God where are you? Please save us from such pathetic directors.


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