The 08-08-08 syndrome

Over a tea today morning, me and my wife were discussing about this 08-08-08 thing. Its today’s date. And my wife said, “8 is anyway the most unlucky number.” “Oh why so” I said. “What about all the people born on this date and the ones who will be born today?” “Oh its nothing like that ok. I will tell you…….” You know what, my wife have got her own sweet ways of convincing me, which I believe are invincible. I better not discuss it here. Anyway, so I shied away from the argument and opened the news paper. After reading the main one, I casually turned to the supplement.

My god! It was full of the 08-08-08 crap. So what is the syndrome all about? Some say its a bad omen, some say its a bag of extremes (extreme good and extreme bad). The numerologist (who otherwise have no work) also went ahead and said the Olympics starting today will not be spared by the curse. One of the idiots also said there is a chance of blood shed during the game. Is that so?

Anyway, I turned the page and there was another bunch of idiots mentioning the names of all those people whose name totals to 8. Probably they wanted to tell, 8 is not bad after all. Let me tell you, if you think of numbers 1 to 9, every digit will have at least 1000 great people associated. what do you have to say about it?

Hmmm… I chugged all that crap and turned to my favorite cartoon strips. There is so much happening there, they are going to celebrate Garfield’s birthday, Archie is doing as usual, Hager is at his horrible best… and there are Dilbert and Dogbert too.

Oh… why do I have to read any thing but business, sports and cartoons?


10 thoughts on “The 08-08-08 syndrome

  1. @ The Big K- Yeah… I agree too.
    @ Ranjithboyan- Probably its just a myth like so many others prevailing in many cultures. I dont recollect any thing either.
    @ Ash- Probably thats why Olympics started on 8/8/8

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