Faking identity? Beware!

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted a very nasty comment on my blog “Laptop a status symbol” thread. Since the comment was nasty as I said, I deleted that and rebuffed my friend down and center. To my surprise, that friend hadn’t posted any thing on the blog at all. She stays in Delhi where as when I cross checked the IP, it was from Mumbai. Some time later it came to my notice that a person very close to me had played a prank.

Although it was just fun, it came to my notice that I could actually post a comment on any body’s blog on some one else’s name. I tried doing it myself on my own blog from some other PC. It worked… What crap! 😦

Beware guys. People commenting on your blog might be fake. Just thinking, is there any way to control this?


5 thoughts on “Faking identity? Beware!

  1. I tried that Hypnos. But there is no password protection. I could still post it with a name and url of some one else’s blog. If I use your blog url, you will of course find out. But the damage will be done by then

  2. Don’t trust IP addresses. You need not worry about what comments you get on your blog. If you’re getting spam – try installing akismet spam plugin. It does a good job.

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