Down Down Down

I have deleted the original contents of this post. I wrote about how bad I was feeling yesterday and nothing was working out right for me. However I pondered upon a bit and thought life was not as difficult. And moreover putting those things on the blog doesn’t help me much, except increasing my tension. I prefer not to spread negativity.

Today is a new day and a new beginning. I’m happy and I wow to be that ways. Thanks to my friends Kidakaka and Nee for helping me out.


2 thoughts on “Down Down Down

  1. Hah, I like the fact that you have a tag – my wife :). It would give her a kick to know that :). And you know what, I do two things when the world gives me a lemon –
    1. I bite the bullet, and go through it, and sleep it off for a brand new day
    2. I make lemonade

    Take your pick. Infact I had a shitty day myself :), but reading your post makes me realize that I am not alone :)))

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