Bollywood’s famous Half-logues

Hindi Films and bollywood has given as many dialogues, most of which have turned out as near-proverbs. Apart from these there are so many others, which are not dialogues as such, because they don’t make a complete sentence. But they all have become a part of our modern day lingo. My post is attempting to pay tribute to these, what I call half-louges and their writers.

  • Mere Karan Arjun aayenge… Rakhi in the movie Karan Arjun
  • Main aa gaya hu maa… any movie, popular dialogue
  • Zhakaas… Anil Kapoor in some movie, I forgot the name.
  • Bhai waah… from Hum aapke hai kaun, Ajit Wachchani
  • Kya huuan… in a typical nasal tone by Laxmikant Berde, again Hum Aapke Hai Kaun.
  • Kutte… any Dharmendra movie.
  • Thoda Khao Thoda Pheko… eternal dialogue fromJaane bhi do yaaro
  • Chal Chal, aage nikal… Salman Khan in Judwaa
  • Yahoo… from Junglee, every one knows its Shammi Kapoor
  • Aao! and furrrr!… from DDLJ
  • Jaani… the legendary dialogue from Raj Kumar in Tiranga.
  • Chal dhanno… Hema Malini from Shole, but I guess most guys use this for their bikes 🙂
  • Aye Saala… Mithun Da, I don’t know which movie.
  • Bole to… ye apun ka Munnbhai ka dialogue hai re.

Alright, I can remember only these as of now. Feel free to add some more in the comments section. I will incorporate it in the post.

What tree did I fall from?

My friend sent me this email today urging me to read what tree did I fall from. Well I have never really climbed trees, except when I was a kid. And I don’t remember if I ever fell from one… I’m a certified rover :mrgreen:

Anyway, this has actually got to do with some astrology, which one I don’t know. So when you don’t know, it is Chinese astrology 😀   So have a look at where did I fall from… only those who know me well would be able to verify if I am really like that.

Pine Tree (Peacemaker) — loves agreeable company, craves peace and harmony, loves to help others, active imagination, likes to write poetry, not fashion conscious, great compassion, friendly to all, falls strongly in love but will leave if betrayed or lied to, emotionally soft, low self esteem, needs affection and reassurance.

Duh! Meh! Bang…!   *Mayur has fainted*

Pappu cant Dance… Manmohan Can

Now that the song has become a house hold jingle, lets apply the “Pappu Cant Dance Sala…” song to some real life sequence.

So the location is the House of Parliament, New Delhi India. There was a mad fest hosted by our own very popular Disc Jockey, DJ Somnath Chatterjee. Why? well nothing much. They wanted to host a dancing competition a.k.a. Nach Baliye to decide who will rule India. There were many contestants, one of them was Pappu, a.k.a. Prakash Karat. Well our Pappu has been a furore in the pre contest exit polls. They said Pappu will win hands down. Ah! but he had Manmohan Singh in competition, with talented choreographer Sonia Gandhi in company.

So the chiti-chiti-bang-bang show started with a “Dhasu” opening by Manmohan, followed by some interesting classical number by our veteran dancer LalKrishna AdvaniJi. He is not only a dancer, but also makes a lot of people dance to his tunes. Hmmm… but like Bhupati and Paes, he has also parted ways with his long time partner Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Anyway! In the midway, we had a Samba by Amar Singh and cabaret by Laloo followed by 3 stalkers running in the middle of the stage with nothing but bundle of notes wrapped around. Gosh you should have seen how the audience and the fellow contestants ogled at their figures (?)

So in all this mess and loud music by composers NSG and IAEA, our poor pappu hardly got a chance to show his dancing skills. So they said “Pappu cant dance sala…” Hey thats unfair ok!

Democracy won. Manmohan Singh won. Sonia Gandhi won. Nuke deal won. Its time now India starts winning too!

Why to become a politician?

A track back to my earlier post. I forgot to write the reason earlier.

Looking at the current mess in the parliament, I think its very easy to be eligible for a post of running the country. Despite such <#@!$#@$#!> politicians ruling us, I fail to understand how did we manage to progress?

So why to become a politician? Simple… because its easy and you don’t need to be guilty or upset over any thing.

Volkswagon Jetta

Wow! This is a car that is to look forward to. Coming straight from the German stable, this is an outstandingly successful VW world car. It is going to be launched in India by end of 2008. I’m really looking forward to it. No, with a price tag of about 14 lacs ex. showroom Mumbai for the base version, I can’t really buy it now. But well I want to see how does it compete with the likes of Corolla and Civic

Are VW guys reading this? I would like to test drive and put a user review of this car. Please accept and fulfill my desire.

Thoughts that make sense

  • If time doesn’t wait for you, just remove the damn battery from your clock.
  • May be you don’t rule the world. But behave as if do you really care?
  • Only 20% men wisely plan their finances. Rest either marry or maintain girlfriends.
  • Every thing you desire the most in life is either illegal, banned, extremely expensive or married to some one else.
  • One who claims he understands women should be awarded an honor of “Greatest Scientist in the history of mankind”

How to become a politician

Hmmm… here comes the gyan guru again. Here are 5 simple ways to become a successful politician. No, they are not the only ones, but of course you are sure to succeed if you follow them.

  1. Do not study, or if you have an urge at least pretend that you are an illiterate simple man/woman.
  2. Make sure you speak in vernacular language, you have a loud voice and people listen to you. (Its easy, if you speak loud enough, people will be forced to keep quite. Practice in your school/office if you want.)
  3. Wear white. If you can’t afford an Ariel or Surf, wear orange.
  4. Buy either an old Ambassador car or a Toyota Land Cruiser. It is important to show you are either very rich or very poor.
  5. Never sit in your office. Always keep meeting people thereby facilitating easy flow of funds.

For any more help. Please contact the nearest corporator. Not me you idiot :mrgreen: