My interview on Crazy Engineers

Folks… I was interviewed on Crazy Engineers few days back. Of course I’m extremely happy to have featured on the website that is very much close to my heart. So while I’m thankful to my friend The Big K, I’m also finding myself very lucky to be featured. Here is an excerpt.


He’s pulling the strings from behind the scenes. You’d typically find him spamming biggest personalities associated with the world of engineering, working on multi- million dollar deals, flaunting his new car, promoting CE, “strategising technology solutions for media industry” and getting clicked near lakes. That’s our editor-in-chief, Mr. Mayur Pathak for you. Mayur holds a degree in civil engineering & master’s degree in marketing communications.

CEan – Prateek interviewed Mayur through email. Take a look:-

Prateek: You have been the chief editor of CE for quite a while now. You have been with CE from the beginning. How has the experience been?

Mayur: Yeah! It’s been 2 years and 8 months to be precise. Believe me, all these days were over whelming good. My contribution hasn’t been all that much. There have been days when I was away from posting for long periods, some time due to professional commitments or due to studies. But I always made sure I contribute through long telephone calls with The Big K. CE is Biggie’s brain child.

Prateek: You have had 3 different jobs. How was the experience in each?

Mayur: 4 actually *laughs* It is difficult to tie me down. I wanted a career in strategy and International Business. I love my country and I want to stamp its authority on the world map. All these jobs have been some kind of a journey towards the goal.

Prateek: One of your parents is an Artist and the other an Interior Designer. Why did you choose Civil Engineering?

Mayur: Not one, both Dad and Mom are artists. Dad is also a Planner and Interior Designer. When I was to do graduation, we thought we might expand our family business if I become a Civil Engineer. I tried my hand at it too… however I found it very mundane. I couldn’t build on some body else’s design. I wanted creativity.

Prateek: Civil Engineering is a science field and Marketing Communications a commerce field. Did you find any difficulty while doing your masters in Marketing Communication?

Mayur: Not at all. I speak a lot, and speak well too….

Want to read more? click here.

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