What tree did I fall from?

My friend sent me this email today urging me to read what tree did I fall from. Well I have never really climbed trees, except when I was a kid. And I don’t remember if I ever fell from one… I’m a certified rover :mrgreen:

Anyway, this has actually got to do with some astrology, which one I don’t know. So when you don’t know, it is Chinese astrology 😀   So have a look at where did I fall from… only those who know me well would be able to verify if I am really like that.

Pine Tree (Peacemaker) — loves agreeable company, craves peace and harmony, loves to help others, active imagination, likes to write poetry, not fashion conscious, great compassion, friendly to all, falls strongly in love but will leave if betrayed or lied to, emotionally soft, low self esteem, needs affection and reassurance.

Duh! Meh! Bang…!   *Mayur has fainted*

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