Pappu cant Dance… Manmohan Can

Now that the song has become a house hold jingle, lets apply the “Pappu Cant Dance Sala…” song to some real life sequence.

So the location is the House of Parliament, New Delhi India. There was a mad fest hosted by our own very popular Disc Jockey, DJ Somnath Chatterjee. Why? well nothing much. They wanted to host a dancing competition a.k.a. Nach Baliye to decide who will rule India. There were many contestants, one of them was Pappu, a.k.a. Prakash Karat. Well our Pappu has been a furore in the pre contest exit polls. They said Pappu will win hands down. Ah! but he had Manmohan Singh in competition, with talented choreographer Sonia Gandhi in company.

So the chiti-chiti-bang-bang show started with a “Dhasu” opening by Manmohan, followed by some interesting classical number by our veteran dancer LalKrishna AdvaniJi. He is not only a dancer, but also makes a lot of people dance to his tunes. Hmmm… but like Bhupati and Paes, he has also parted ways with his long time partner Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Anyway! In the midway, we had a Samba by Amar Singh and cabaret by Laloo followed by 3 stalkers running in the middle of the stage with nothing but bundle of notes wrapped around. Gosh you should have seen how the audience and the fellow contestants ogled at their figures (?)

So in all this mess and loud music by composers NSG and IAEA, our poor pappu hardly got a chance to show his dancing skills. So they said “Pappu cant dance sala…” Hey thats unfair ok!

Democracy won. Manmohan Singh won. Sonia Gandhi won. Nuke deal won. Its time now India starts winning too!

3 thoughts on “Pappu cant Dance… Manmohan Can

  1. Its sad story isn’t it. Let some one take notice of this.

    Like the presentation on water problem on your blog, no body is bothered about India’s problems. All people want is to rule 😦

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