Whats up with Ambani Brothers?

I’m sure you all have been reading a lot about the ‘latest’ feud between Anil and Mukesh Ambani. Gosh! even we didn’t fight so much during our college days. This is getting bigger than the Ruso-American cold war. Ha! what crap.

While Mukesh tries to claim the first right to refusal in the RComm-MTN deal (for more details check the latest here from Bloomberg) he obviously doesn’t want Anil to sell off the entity that his father Dhirubhai started as a dream. Anil on the other hand is talking about a bigger dream, taking Reliance Communications truly on the global map. Now while there is a debate on whether there is any such master agreement that gives Reliance (RIL) the first right to refusal. Anil is not going to be kept quite. His old fried (bunny puppy whatever) has stepped in to help him out. Yes, Mr. Amar Singh. Since his Samajwadi Party (means a party with people in mind, dunno which people) decided to join hands with the UPA government, their first initiative (read demand) was to ask Manmohan Singh levy windfall taxes on private oil refineries. There you take Mukesh, one tight slap. It is heard that he is now brokering a deal between Mukesh and Manmohan Singh. Read this

Anyway, what have I got to gain out of it? As a true Indian, I must suggest Ambanis to settle their feud ans start minting our money again. After all they are instrumental in India’s growth right?

Surely the Rcom share has gone up 🙂 and I own it.
No complaints!


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