I have found out few things today. As in few of them are observations over a period of time, but they make good sense as most of the happenings were today. So I had a happening day 🙂

  1. Never intervene a desperate or an over excited man. If he is your boss… NEVER
  2. Its easy to tell some one ‘you are a fool’ just by saying the opposite and giving a sarcastic smile.
  3. It is very difficult to reprimand some one. It makes you more tense. (I pity my bosses)
  4. Being a tenant in a Gujrati and Marathi dominated society is as good as being a Pakistani infiltrating India border.You are looked upon as if you are a bigger nuisance than the stray dogs.
  5. Societies have rules that meant to make sure your life is miserable (They release all the water when you are not at home and fine you if you leave a tap open).
  6. At work, it is more likely that the person you trust most doesn’t trust you at all.
  7. Mix veg is the most popular cooked vegetable dish in whole of India.
  8. Getting credit cards, loans are most easier when you don’t need them at all.
  9. Being surrounded by idiots, best thing you can do is to keep your mouth shut.
  10. You don’t get good job offers when you need them the most.
  11. My friend Kaustubh is a very sensible an intelligent guy in phases.

Most of all, Its easy to write any thing in your blog and no need to answer any one. 🙂


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