Stress Buster

Here are few things I do to prevent stress creeping in my head:

  1. I listen to good music, loud… really loud.
  2. I try to act funny, or may be I try to act genuine.
  3. I go for a long drive, unless the petrol in my car is going to give me some more stress.
  4. I shout at people on the street, only on those idiots with grave traffic sense.
  5. I think about all the nice girls :mrgreen: who were my friends who could have been my girl friends. (Psst, I love my wife. But whats the harm in thinking?)
  6. I watch my favorite movie again, feel good about the story.
  7. I think of the million dollars that are going to come to me.
  8. I stay alone now, but when I was with my parents, I would play with my dog.
  9. If I can’t do any of the above things, I try to find a close friend and puke all my stress.
  10. And then I write it on my blog.

Interesting? I know its not. Then why don’t you tell me what you do to take care of stress?


One thought on “Stress Buster

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