Ride to the school

“Mayuuuuuuuuuuur… now chuck that kite and rush down. Its already 10:30!” My mother would shout. I would then hurriedly bring the kite down, roll the ‘manja’ in the ‘chakri’ and rush from the terrace, 3 steps at a time, straight into the bathroom. These were the sunny days when I was 10 or 12 year old and still a small school boy. Ah! the good old days.

Well going to the school was always an exercise for me. I never hated going to school though, I never enjoyed the classes either. Its so boring to stand on the bench or outside the class almost every second day. (yeah, it was pretty much a routine for me. Not that I was a dyslexia patient, I just didn’t enjoy obeying the teacher.) Anyway, so 10:30 it was and I had to be ready by 11:15 so that I could reach the school by 11:40. And I had taken no bath, hadn’t had my brunch and as always, hadn’t completed my home work.

“Oh damn the cricket match now… why can’t you be serious? You will miss the bell again today. Mayur its already 11 and you have still not polished your shoes. Let me do it for you… and where is…..” and my mother would go on. I sometimes pitied her, and some times I pitied myself. It was sheer good luck to be born to her. But I didn’t deserve it. She was so organized, and how was I? I needed some time management lessons badly (I need it even today). So I stuffed two parathas in my mouth with some subji embedded in it and was off to school.

My school was about 6 and a half kilometers from my home. We stayed in the old Nagpur city and the school was in a relatively new area. Despite that being a BIG distance by my city standards, I still went on a bicycle. Yes you guessed it right. My mother was against it. But then… this was just one more thing I wouldn’t listen to. So she never really protested.

The ride to school used to be very interesting. There was a big nullah on the second right turn that would lead to a big 4 lane road. On the way I used to surpass the Government Medical College (GMC). GMC, they say is one of the largest medical college in Asia. Understandably so, half of my journey would be to pass through the GMC area. It was full of lush green lawns, big lineage of trees, old hospital buildings with different departments. What I never used to like is the scores of patients queuing in front of them. It makes you so numb, and leaves that feeling for long time. This is probably why they make the hospital areas very polished. Leading the way, the road would turn to another bridge, this time over the central railway line. Nagpur has one of the largest railway yards in the country, being centrally located. On my way, I would pass the Ajni substation. Since it was a small station, normally express trains would surpass and zoom ahead. It used to be so thrilling to watch a speeding train from the top of the bridge. The thrill subsided pretty early though, as school was near. And as it would happen most of the days, I would make it just before the school gates closed. Never mind all the delays, I always compensated by staying extra hour after the shool, in the play ground 🙂

When I travel to my city now (sadly its not very frequent) I always make a point to stroll down the same road at least once. A lot has changed not, GMC has built new buildings, Ajni has become a bigger railway station, lot of new buildings have come up. The numbness of passing GMC, however still remains, and so does the joy!

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