I fear

I read a mail few moments back which talked about fears, many of them. It put me into a fearful position. 😛

Does Mayur Pathak fear any one? or any thing? I don’t know. I’m yet to discover. But then if you don’t have any work in office, on one such days you can always roll your head hear and there, think stupidly and write such post. So read below few things people fear and my arguments with myself whether I should fear too or not. 🙂

  • I fear god: But why should I? I don’t disrespect him, I don’t malign him. I’m not against his existence. I don’t debate with people about it. And I’m religious too. = I don’t fear god.
  • I fear darkness: Do I? No I like it at night. It helps me sleep. Moreover I like horror movies.
  • I fear my boss: 😀 I feel like bursting into a laughter. There were times I used to hate my boss and wanted to dump him in a dungeon. I rather fear my boss’s stupidity.
  • I fear death: Umm… again, why should I? Every one has to die, so will I. There is no reason to sheepishly say ‘I fear death’
  • I fear failure: I could have said yes if some one asked this to me during my early days of engineering. But I always believe there is always a third way, your way. And believe me, if you fear failure, genuinely do so and never do anything in life. You will never fail.
  • I fear ghosts: Bah! Show me a ghost first.
  • I fear people, crowd: My suggestion, go and stay in the mountains. Help reduce the city crowd.
  • I fear having a fear: Now thats a height. You don’t even know what to fear about. Great going!
  • I fear love: Then I fear you.

Some updates on new types of fear posted by my sister.

  • I fear commitment: *Mayur can’t stop smiling* I feared it too buddy. But the more I feared, the more committed I became. So stop fearing.
  • I fear change: Ah! Why do you change your clothes every day? If you hadn’t changed from the way you were born, imagine the fate today. Change is good!
  • I fear my girlfriend’s temper: Me too :mrgreen: Well, stupid fells show her your temper. Don’t fear, be brave. Fight!

Enough of fears. May be if I hear some more, I’ll update with y ‘expert’ comments.

Happy reading. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “I fear

  1. To give u more on the fear front heard from some of my friends and have actually ended up giving them advise on the same..
    I fear commintment
    I fear change
    I fear my girlfriend’s temper
    Ur expert comments awaited !!

  2. Well, fearing death is alright if it happens to oneself only. But, what about the injury or death of someone you love dearly? 😦 Would you welcome the feeling of helplessness?

  3. Well, a thing to ponder upon. I would certainly be unhappy when some one beloved dies. But my argument is, why fear some thing that will happen one day? I mean… this is a fear of uncertainty right?

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