How am I feeling these days.

I came across this quote recently and was impressed. This how I’m feeling these days.

“Single minded but flexible, like a river forging its eternal route, I am dedicated to completions and natural conclusions. There is nothing that cannot be achieved. There is nothing that remains permanent. I keep on moving with love and purpose towards my destination. My resolve is firm, my aims are clear.”

Hmmm… May be I’m not that single minded, but I flow like a river. I’m dedicated to the completions I associate with work and the natural conclusions I associate with relationships. Impossible is nothing, it only needs the right effort at the right time backed by right intellect. Achieving the number one is possible, but being there forever is not. Nothing is permanent. You are challenged by the worlds fallacies every day and often you fall, fail to deceive. But I’m confident of my movement. There is only one direction I follow, forward! With conviction, purpose and agility. I know where I’m going. I believe I have reached there and am already thinking about my next quest. My resolve is firm, my aims are clear… so is life.


One thought on “How am I feeling these days.

  1. First things first: Very good post! 🙂

    I began thinking how a river flows. In my opinion, river is directionless. If something comes in its path, it takes turns, changes its direction. Eventually, it gets merged with the sea. You sure you’re living your life like that?

    What are you thoughts on flowing like a lava? Making your own path? No, don’t get the negative out of it, as lava destroys everything that comes in its path.

    What’s your purpose of existance? What motivates you to getup in the morning? If you ask yourself “What should I be thinking about right now?” , what comes to your mind? Where do you find ‘joy’ (I used the world ‘joy’, not ‘happiness’).

    All said, good to know that your aims are clear & your resolve is firm. May God give you the power to continue with it for the rest of your life.

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