Spain 4 Russia 1

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Euro cup 2008 football match between Spain and Russia. Spain, who won 4-1 are not the strongest or the best known team, but certainly they entertain no less. I know some Spanish league teams, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla amongst others. But nothing more than that. And most of these teams are over shadowed by the foreign players. Although I never followed the Spanish league all that much, I had heard that the Spanish play very creative football. I found out that what I heard was true.

So that match was very racy , full of quick moves and counter attacks. Russians were the first to put their shot on target but some how Iker Casillas (plays for Real Madrid) parried that away. With string of attacks and counter attacks, finally Spain broke away. Fernando Torres (who plays for Liverpool, England) ran down the right flank and darted a through ball for David Villa (plays for Valencia). Villa perfectly timed his run and hammered a pile driver beyond the Russian custodian. Russians tried their luck too, hitting the post from an outcome of a free kick and then one of their players heading on the cross bar. In another counter attack from Spain, it was David Villa again, who out ran the Russian defense and slid a low ball into the net just before the half time, this time the provider was Andres Iniesta (Barcelona winger).

Russians, hurt by the second goal, came back strongly in the second half. But their constant push for a goal allowed plenty of space for the Spain forwards to fire their counter attacks. Finally, 15 min from time, one such suave move was rewarded when Cesc Fabregas (plays for Arsenal) ran down the right flank and delivered a cross in the center to be met by, who else but David Villa. He celebrated the hat trick and Spain were out of reach of the hapless Russians. They did pull one back from a diving header off the corner 4 min from time. But it wasn’t enough. Cesc Fabregas, who set up Villa’s hat trick goal was finally awarded for being a wonderful playmaker that he is. He scored with a thumping header in the dying minutes to signal a perfect opening for the El’ dorados.

Cheers for Villa! Cheers for Spain!

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