I find this website Linkedin very funny to use. Last year, after being pressurized a lot by my peers, I decided to register and upload my profile onto it. It claims that it is a business networking site. But surprisingly there is nothing they do for networking. You create your profile and frantically start searching for people you know and add them in your network. Next, you can send them messages or ask them favors. They say it helps business grow But there is no tab on whether whatever information I write is true. You just need to believe the other person and continue.

How is it possible?

I’m allowed to enter any damn thing I want without any verification. I might say that I’m a CEO of XYZ limited and post myself there. What next? I have myself seen some of my moron colleagues writing their designations as “Manager”where as I doubt whether they know what the word manager means. I may be wrong, but I still believe in the old traditional way of networking, through exhibitions, seminars, Industry meets etc. I was talking to this guy, on of my prospects today who said “Mr. Pathak, for any business deal to happen, it requires two pwople to sit and talk eye to eye.” I couldn’t agree less. I may be wrong, who knows.

Linkedin folks are you reading this? I want explanation why is it good.


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