About Mayur


For a better written introduction, head here –> Me, Myself & Mayur

  • Age? Do you want to really know? What for? I’m young!
  • Height, 165cm. Can be conveniently classified as short.
  • Qualification, well a civil engineer who knows nothing about buildings, except their shape and a Masters in marketing who knows nothing about Sales. This is no joke, I’m serious. That is why I also own a consulting firm http://www.consultmax.net.
  • Passionate about Cricket, Football, BMW and business. Read in the reverse order.
  • Strongly believes in the quote, “Maut wo hai jiska jamana kare afsos. Yun to sabhi yaha aate hai… marne ke liye” Meaning: Death is when the world will mourn. Every one lives to die one day… anyway. So believes that it is imperative to make big in life.
  • Also believes in “who says you can’t pierce the sky? Try tossing a stone with all you have got!”
  • Full of ideas, most of them useless. BUt some of them kick your ass!!!
  • Talks too much, think too much but write very bad. You might have found out in some of the posts.
  • Ingenuous, was almost thrown out of the first job. But was ingenious as well, got my boss on toes instead.
  • Married… No more comments.

Happy reading.

What do I want to achieve in life?

  • Own the most successful sales consulting firm in the world
  • Buy a BMW 525i (or 530i) as soon as possible
  • Go on a world tour
  • Drive down the mountains from Ladakh to Mount Everest on a Honda VTX 1800 or Yamaha V-star 1300
  • Feature on and write for the best of magazines in the world.
  • Produce and direct 4 movies.
  • Own an estate with real size artificial hill and water fall inside.
  • Convert offices into a virtual world.

21 responses to “About Mayur

  1. Waiting for your introduction. The world is yet to know you.

  2. Written a short one. Check Out

  3. Mahesh The CEan

    Hi Max,
    Nice to see you as a imaginative blogger.

  4. Hey thanks. I have decided to write at least 1 post every day. Which one did you find imaginative?


  5. Mayur, quite an impressive hit list! It will improve if you can add a plug in for comment luv.

  6. I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting article

  7. Well Mayur are you from Gujarat?

  8. :)

    I read them (not all).Nice !!!

  9. I love your site. Keep it up !

  10. nice blog. interesting articles

  11. hey Mayur read few of your blogs ..
    Love stories awesome ..BTW change about you information… now you are CE -Mod rite?

    BTW iam ES on CE.

  12. Changed and updated

  13. Nice intro..sply u are categorizing yourself as short with confidence thats nice..

  14. Congratulations!!!

  15. Hi Mayur,
    You have been tagged on my blog. Please take up the tag.


  16. nice blog.
    nicer “about” page. :)

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